First Rollable TV From LG is Going For Sale in 2019

Credit: Digital Trends

In recent past LG has displayed its rollable OLED screen at CES. It was at the prototype stage and there was plenty of room for development. Now, LG has planned to roll out its first the world’s first rollable 65-inch 4K OLED display.

LG said it will start selling the real version of this prototype in mid-2019. Pricing for this rollable TV is still not fixed but we can expect that it will be a big burden on the wallets.

Power on the TV its doors slides towards the back and screen slowly rises out of the box in seconds as you can see in the picture illustration above.

Press the button power off and it will slowly descend into the box, the door closes and full setup seems like a piece of furniture. You can control this upto the fourth quarter of the screen to show out of the box. And this converts it into a widescreen display which shows you time, weather, photos and has much more other options for customized widgets.

As stated by LGL it is tested to 50,000 rolls up or down, which is a quite reasonable count for daily usage and prolonged life up to nearly 10-15 years. LG has yet not decided on warranty on rollable mechanism but its must be included for product reliability.

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