iTunes and AirPlay Will Be Available on Other Devices Than Apple

Finally, its done. It was on cards since quite a time but it came in CES where Apple’s presence was always negligible, though in CES 2019 Apple has shown its presence through other brands like Samsung & LG.

There are many companies showcasing their products which supports Apple products but Apple was never officially participated in CES like never owned a booth or organized a press conference or released a product.

A year of big Announcements

This year, yes 2019 – It is announced by TV manufacturers about the partnership with Apple for their different services like iTunes, AirPlay & Apple HomeKit. Apple is trying to reach to broader audiences before the launch of its own streaming service.

Apple is starting to think more cross-platform and cross-device for its services, which is definitely a good thing.

                     Technalysis Research analyst Bob O’Donnell

iPhone sales are not at a prime pace, Apple has to diversify its services to expand its market and reach. The rumors of launching a streaming service are proved to be correct after this announcement of the partnership with TV companies. Apple had already invested in the development of high-quality content through various high profile TV and Film personnel like Reese Witherspoon, Oprah Winfrey, and Steven Spielberg. Apple also hired two top ececutive from Sony Pictures Television.

In the view of above events if Apple streaming service will be restricted to Apple users only it would not reach to a number of potential users. After all, there will be only iPhone and Apple TV users who would use streaming service but this will restrict the user base, also watching streaming services on Phone doesn’t worth and there are not much users for Apple TVs. If Apple wants more customers it has to reach out to more electronic users. That includes TVs from Samsung, LG, Vizio and Sony that were announced this week at CES.

At the speed which Streaming TV users are increasing it is evident that TV broadcasting will be obsolete within a decade, and for reaching out for those households with a streaming player is near the future business.

“From a services perspective, it’s not just about Apple TV, this is about consuming content whenever, wherever people want it.” Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi

Apple’s services business on a boom

Apple’s services business has generated over $10.8 billion in revenue during the holiday quarter, setting a quarterly record in every geographic segment. Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple is on track to double the size of that business from 2016 to 2020.

It is always a custom of Apple to support their users and provide their services like Apple Music and software like AirPlay. There is a huge base of users for Apple and subscribers of their services. At end of September 18, Apple had 330 million paid subscribers, which was increased by 50% since last year which has generated 14% of overall revenue for Apple in the last fiscal 2018.

Now Apple is providing various services it is important for them to be available on various platforms other than Apple. Over a decade ago the company has moved its iTune service on windows which has boosted its presence, but after that, all the services were only available for Apple devices only.

“This is further evidence that Apple is willing to change its hardware-first approach and work with third parties to boost services revenues,” Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster

iTunes on Samsung smart TVs

Samsung has been always the biggest rival to Apple. Now Samsung is one of the key partners to Apple to provide their platform for Apple’s services which has created quite a buzz at CES. yet Samsung’s one of the key partners to help Apple generate buzz at CES. Samsun is the world’s largest TV seller and ties up with Samsung is not a bad decision for Apple.

Credit: James Martin/CNET

Samsung smart TVs will offer support for iTunes movies and TV shows from this year as stated by Samsung on Sunday at CES. It will also support AirPlay 2 TVs will also support AirPlay 2, so you can connect your Apple device to the TV and watch your device’s content directly on the TV.

We want consumers to be able to access all of their content seamlessly. 

Dave Das, Samsung senior vice president of consumer electronics product marketing

The capability will also be made available to 2018 models through a firmware update, Samsung said.

AirPlay on LG, Vizio, Sony

Till now Samsung is only TV manufacturer who will provide services like iTunes but other TV makers also let users play their content of TV through AirPlay. LG, Vizio, and Sony also announced support for Airplay and Apple HomeKit in their 2019 future models.

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